10 Reasons To Join

1. Respect - This is the number one reason why parents enroll their children in the martial arts. Respect starts the moment you walk in the door, by bowing. All students understand that respect is earned not given. The importance of respect is emphasized at every session by reciting the pledge of honor, promising to respect all people, by all students.

 2. Focus - This is the result of all the senses working together to achieve the same goal. At One World Karate, this is attained by focusing our minds, hearts, and bodies on our breathing and synchronizing our breathing with our movements.  Since the techniques of Karate need precision as experience is gained, focus is required at all times to achieve excellence. Enhancing focus allows its application to other aspects of our lives, such as school, work, sports, hobbies, etc.


3. Confidence - The programs at One World Karate have been designed to instill an ever increasing level of confidence in every student regardless of age and ability, as they move up through the ranks towards their black belt certification. Every student is encouraged to teach as well as learn, and perform their best every time they come to the class. Confidence is built through achieving smaller steps, as well as helping and seeing others succeed and excel.


4. Self Discipline  The students will clean their rooms, finish school work, and hold themselves accountable for their actions. This principle is taught primarily in the advanced stages of training. Several things in the early stages of training also help teach basic self-discipline, such as tying the belt, practicing kata,

preparing for tournaments, etc. Also setting goals and achieving them.


5. Self Control - Students learn how to control their mind and body through Martial arts training. By teaching difficult martial arts techniques and sparring applications the students learn self control.


6. Leadership - How to motivate and inspire others.  At One World Karate we strive to work with the top leaders in the community.  These leaders are pre-schools to secondary schools.  Our goal is to implement strong goals and community values into the children so they can bring those values into their education, relationships and community involvement and be true leaders in our society.  


7. Character Development - We at One World Karate work with self-confidence and team building exercises to build one's character from the core.  We believe if one has confidence in themselves they can strive to achieve anything.   


8. Bully-defense - Children, youth and often adults' inability to confront or stand up to a bully is based on a profound fear for their personal safety. The victims know that they must confront the bully and would like nothing more than to stand up to them. One World Karate's 4 step CARE program is designed to teach the students all the skills required to confront, respond and engage a bully using many different non-physical and self-defense techniques.


9. Spiritual-discipline - The objective of practicing martial arts at One World Karate is to contribute to the evolution of the human spirit through physical, mental and virtue training, reflecting on the status quo and improving its level of awareness. 


10. Empowerment - Empowerment is a process that challenges our assumptions about the way things are and how much more they can be improved. It helps us re-think our understanding of physical, mental and spiritual power as well as helping, achieving, and succeeding in the many avenues of life. One World Karate's philosophy is to teach what we learn, so that in the process we will untap the many potential forces inherent in every one of us. The concept of empowerment maybe found enshrined in these words: "Regard man/woman as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value".


Black Belt Excellence - Black Belt Excellence at One World Karate is not only achieving the status of a black belt. It is understanding and actively participating in the process of learning and teaching in all aspects of life whether it be at school, university, work, or sports of any kind including the practice of martial arts. It is the way and not the destination that is the focus. At One World Karate we learn to apply the many skills learned at the dojo (the training hall) to all aspects of our lives and positively influence our own and the lives of those around us.