How to Join

Please email the answers to the following questions to: [email protected]

You may consult the PROGRAM page on the website to decide which program suits your needs. There are 3 programs offered which include a number of complementary seminars throughout the year. These programs are identified as Beginner (White to Green Belt), Intermediate (Green to Black Belt) and Advanced (1st to 2nd Degree Black belt).

If you are new to Karate and martial arts, you may sign up for a no-obligation initial FREE trial which constitutes of 3 free classes and NEW Karate suit for only $19.95. If you already have a karate suit, then you can join the 3 classes at no charge.

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Marital status_____________
  1. How did you learn of One World Karate? ___________________________________________________
  1. Do you have any previous martial arts experience? If so: indicate style, names of schools and instructors and length of study:
  2. _______________________________________________________________
  1. What sports do you participate in, if any? ___________________________________________________________
  1. What Program at One World Karate are you interested in?
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  1. Do you have any physical limitations OR special needs? ___________________________________________________________