Self Defense

Many of us are concerned about our safety when we are out on the street. Obtaining unarmed self-defense skills is necessary element of a street survival. Unlike various self-defense devices that might not be available at crucial moment, unarmed self-defense techniques always work and give you real confidence in your ability to succeed. Unarmed self-defense involves the use of "natural weapons" of your body, including the hands, elbows or knees - these are hard body surfaces that, when used correctly, can cause an attacker pain and damage. But the term "unarmed self-defense" isn't confined to only martial aspect - it involves various skills (mental and physical) used to survival - not only fighting techniques, but abilities to evade dangerous violent confrontations. In contrast to sport-oriented martial arts, the goal of self-defense is a survival, not winning. Knocking someone out of the way and escaping can achieve survival goal, however it will never allow you to win a competition. Your primary goal - not getting hurt/injured or to minimize your injuries. Even if you're facing single unarmed attacker who doesn't obviously surpass you in physique and fighting skills, there's no reason to prove anybody in the street that you're good fighter - staying around trying to "win", making higher chance of your injury, ain't a good decision. In a confrontation with multiple attackers, escape is victory. The only hope of escape from an overwhelming number of opponents is continual movement. By the use of blows, and by shoving one opponent against the other, it will often be possible to create more room in which to keep moving. It should be remembered that the object is to get away, not to stay and fight it out against hopeless odds. Now let's overview the basic physical aspects of unarmed self-defense.